Company Profile

Profile and history:

Enjaz team has been delivering power and automation solutions for over 10 Years as technical executing subcontractor for different companies. Over the years, we have evolved into developing power and automation solutions in various domains.
Our professional services are the reason which making companies continue to deal with Enjaz team when they need quality and reliable solutions.

Enjaz was established as separate company at the end of 2015 with a legal entity and Commercial Registration.
Our commitment to quality and expertise means more to us than just designing and delivering services. Its starts by delivering an obligation to our customers that is more than professional. This pledge resonates throughout our organization, from management, sales and operations, all the way to our administrative employees and professional partners.

Target Customers:

Since we started our services in Syria as a start, we will target the local companies and factories. However, we aimed to cover the Middle East and African regions.

Success Factors:

Enjaz is a Systematic Organization that depends on the engineers understanding of their level of responsibility and commitments.
Enjaz team has knowledge of the technology, terms and conditions offered by the business in addition to the technical information itself.
Enjaz believes that the support is a mentality and methodology in working.

SOWT Analysis:

It’s very important to conducted and always update a SWOT Analysis for our business in order to improve our strengths, work on our weakness to turn them into strengths, capturing opportunities, and coup with any changes/threats that could affect our success.

  • Our Support Methodology.
  • Experienced engineers.
  • Effective procedures to organize the work.


  • Syrian nationalities are difficult to move across countries.
  • New Established Company.


  • Lack of local power and automation providers that have experienced engineers in Syria.